Rautner assists with the Financing of the Sonnenfeld Pellendorf

Rautner Rechtsanwälte supported Erste Bank in the construction and financing of a photovoltaic system as a complementary addition to the existing Gugelberg wind farm. The photovoltaic system installed in the municipality of Gaweinstal in Lower Austria is an agri-photovoltaic system that allows agricultural use of the site areas. This means that there is no competition with food production, and the arable and grassland areas that have already been cultivated can therefore be used efficiently for both purposes. The photovoltaic system was built with a nominal output of 3.125 MW. The purchase price for the entire production volume is secured by a business subsidy in the form of a market premium in accordance with the EAG.

We are particularly pleased that we were able to support Gugelsolar GesmbH and Erste Bank in financing this project, because the photovoltaic sector will play a central role in the expansion of a CO₂-free energy system in the future.” explains Dr. Uwe Rautner, Managing Partner at Rautner Rechtsanwälte